Grofers is an Indian online grocery delivery service. Similarly, Zomato and Ola are helping their workers. It is now believed to be a unicorn and a company valued at more than 1 USD billion but  On 25th August, one of its users tweeted in happiness that his grocery order had been delivered within 13 minutes! Just imagine someone put an order, the store received it, the goods were packaged, and the delivery boy reached the store and delivered the goods to the user, just within 13 minutes.

Are Zomato And Ola Really Helping The Workers?

Fast Deliveries of Zomato Ola

Actually, the CEO of Grofers wasn’t as happy. He replied that the delivery took 3 mins longer than he would have liked. He assured everyone that “We would work harder in the future”. The reply was tweeted soon after some news reports stated that Grofers was planning to do deliveries in under 10 mins. Unsurprisingly, the CEO started receiving a lot of hate on social media. And Grofers isn’t the only company that’s using this strategy. Other companies have expressed that they want to reduce the delivery time too. Because in this race to cut delivery times, many people fear that the consequences would need to be faced by the delivery workers of these companies who would have to risk on the road get these deliveries on time.

What challenges do the delivery executives face?

The bonus  for cab services are structured in a similar way. They have to complete a certain number of trips to get their incentive. Recently earnings of many have dropped. This is because of the “carrot and stick” concept. First you feed someone and then beat them with a stick. These high incentives led to a boom in taxi registrations and vehicle loans. But in 2017, bonuses were cut and the drivers’ earnings reduced, making it difficult for them to pay the debt.

A report conducted an interview of around 90 women from Mumbai and Delhi and showed that the women working on Urban Company, on average, earn Rs 1,550 per day against the Rs 300 per day for a routine salon job. In addition to increased earnings, women also like flexible work timings as it allows them to manage their household responsibilities. Almost 85% of the people  in the study were happy with the flexible timings. Another positive side is that gig workers at least have a source of income but There are many who’re completely unemployed and have no job opportunities.


Are Zomato And Ola Really Helping The Workers?

We should keep in mind that the government and the companies aren’t the only ones responsible. For improving the welfare of gig workers. The customers are responsible too. And it’s not difficult. You can tip them or  give a high rating. If you’re happy with their work, and if you’re not happy , and provide an explanation. So that the worker gets to know the reason for the poor rating so that they can work on it. apart from all this some of us do not even ask them for water. Because we think our food will get cold but we should think about them also because they are serving us  This simple solution can have a positive and significant impact on the lives of gig workers.

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