Hello Guys, Bajaj JEX 16 is quite a famous juicer in the market. Today we will have a detailed discussion on Bajaj Jex 16 800-watt Juicer Review and will finally conclude if you should really buy it?

Bajaj Jex 16 800-watt Juicer Review
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Bajaj Jex 16 800 watt Juicer Review

Bajaj Majesty JEX 16 has been a revolutionary product in the Indian market which has really made juicing very easy at home. Its stainless steel juicing blades ensure the last drop of juice to be extracted from the source.

Unboxing Bajaj Jex 16 800-watt Juicer

  • User Manual
  • 1 Liter Jar
  • A compact juicer, which is very easy to carry
  • Note: Compact juicer has a lower electric unit, waste collection box, and top plastic panel(pusher)

About Bajaj Jex 16 800-watt Juicer

  • Good for all types of fruits and vegetables
  • Works well with leafy vegetables
  • Waste material gets collected separately and hence, easy to manage
  • The top opening is about 75mm which enables the entry of a big chunk of fruit like a whole apple. It really saves the effort of cutting/ chopping fruits or veggies into small pieces.
  • Dual lock to avoid spilling
  • Electric wire of good length and quality
  • Since it is consuming 800 watts, it works perfectly fine with hard fruits like Beetroot.
  • Less noisy
  • Costs around 5000 rupees
  • Great customer rating
  • Buy from Amazon.in

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