We all know that man is mortal. Be it animals or humans we all have to die one day. Will it be possible for any human or living being to cheat death?

Can science ever progress enough to revive dead humans? Or turning them immoral?

You might be surprised to know that an American company is already working on this project. They’re working hard on the formula to cheat death. The way designing an airplane is called aeronautics, designing of electronic devices as electronics, and designing robots is robotics similarly, the field of preserving dead bodies in hopes of resurrecting them is called cryonics.

About Company And Cryonics

Experts are very hopeful that after 50 or 70 years medical science will be so advanced that it’ll prevent people from dying. Or even resurrect dead people. So for the people who wish to be resurrected after death and have enough faith in medical science for them, there is a company named Alcor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the outside, it seems to be a pretty normal office. But at the center of the building, the scenario is kind of strange.


There are 300 dead bodies in these big steaming containers made of steel. Also, 33 pet animals were frozen here in hopes of their resurrection and here, death is not seen as we normally do rather but  Alcor’s team believes that they are also normal people just that their hearts don’t beat and they’re sleeping for a long period. and apart from that, every part of their body is in perfect condition. We can also say that time has stopped for these 300 people for several decades. If medical science can resurrect them after 70 years then they will be resurrected in the future. As we have seen in science fiction movies like Time Machine/time travel.
The temperature inside these containers is colder than the world’s coolest place Antarctica. The temperature inside this container filled with liquid nitrogen is -196°C. Which is being controlled 24×7 by computer. And backup generators are there in case of a power outage. A big container contains 4 full body patients and 5 neuro patients i.e patients whose heads are only preserved.

This small container is designed only to freeze the head and face. Out of 300 116 patients have decided to freeze their heads in which

A remote team of doctors who are always on call for 24 hours, when they got to know the patient is about to die they start doing their special arrangements in the hospital. The patient is brought to Alcor’s facility within half an hour of their death and the procedure for cryoprotection is immediately started. Experts believe that the faster this process is started after their death the chances of their resurrection increase. we hope science will progress soon so that we and our family and friends can enjoy it forever.

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