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What’s wrong with ola electric?

In July 2021, Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola’s CEO Said In A Tweet “India’s Ev Revolution Begins Today”. It Was Because Ola Electric Scooters Were Open For Bookings And One Could Reserve A Scooter Starting From Just Inr499. Ola Announced That It Got Over 1,00,000 Bookings Within 24 Hours. Even Before Delivering The Scooters, Ola  Encashed  INR…

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Around a week ago, south Delhi mayor, Mukesh Suryan said that all the meat shops of South Delhi would remain closed till Navratri is over (Meat Ban). So the question of the mean ban is extremely complex. Considering that India is a country, where culture, language, and eating practices change every kilometer. Also, for Indians…


Glorifying Gun Culture Of Punjab And Misuse Of It

Nowadays Guns Have Become Very Common In Punjab. Any Punjabi Song Without Gun Feels Incomplete. In Punjab, There Are 4 Lakh+ Licensed Guns. And According To the 2020 Data Of The National Crime Bureau, More Than 800 Guns Were Ceased Which Were Not Licensed. If We Overall See It Punjab Has the 2%Population Of India…


Top Information Technology Companies in India

IT Industry in India have been majorly divided into 2 categories, IT services( Software development and Support) and business process outsourcing (BPO). India is a hub of IT outsourcing and it all started in early 1970 with the establishment of software giant TCS. It starts from Bangaluru – Also known as Silicon Valley of India….


Difference Between Guarantee and Warranty

Sometimes in our day-to-day life, we come across many common terms and never bothered to understand the real meaning. Guarantee Vs Warranty is no exception, since how long you are aware of these terms? But do you really know the meaning? let’s understand.   History of words guarantee and warranty The guarantee is sometimes spelled “guarantie”…