Sometimes in our day-to-day life, we come across many common terms and never bothered to understand the real meaning. Guarantee Vs Warranty is no exception, since how long you are aware of these terms? But do you really know the meaning? let’s understand.


difference between guarantee and warranty
difference between guarantee and warranty 

History of words guarantee and warranty

The guarantee is sometimes spelled “guarantie” or “guaranty“. It is from an Old French form of “warrant“, from the Germanic word which appears in German as wahren: to defend or make safe and binding.

Need of terms words guarantee and warranty

In this competitive and consumer aware era, where we have high competition in almost every sector, and hence too many options to choose from, these terms come into play which denotes how much a brand is confident about its product or how secure are we as a consumer before opting for a specific product.

What is Warranty

Warranty is a contract or commitment from the brand to the consumer that if the product or service stops functioning as per the expectation within a defined period, then the brand or the manufacturer is liable to repair it without any charges.

Also, you must have heard many products coming with exceptions in warranty. For example, a laptop can be having a warranty for a year only for the motherboard and monitor.

What is Guarantee

The guarantee is Superset of warranty. In continuation with the above scenario, if the brand is not able to repair the faulty product, then they are liable for a free replacement.

Difference Between Guarantee and Warranty

The warranty often shows how confident a brand is about its product. Warranty may or may not cover the whole product aa in case of the example of laptop given above. It always comes in the form of a written contract. Also, nowadays there is a concept of extended warranty where you can ensure your product for a longer period. This has become a business strategy for many companies now.

The guarantee is a vocal term often used for marketing nowadays to gain customers’ trust where a company claimed its product to be functional for at least that period of time. A written guarantee is very rare to find and most of the companies use the term warranty and replace the product(may charge some amount) if repair is not possible.

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