Nowadays Guns Have Become Very Common In Punjab. Any Punjabi Song Without Gun Feels Incomplete. In Punjab, There Are 4 Lakh+ Licensed Guns. And According To the 2020 Data Of The National Crime Bureau, More Than 800 Guns Were Ceased Which Were Not Licensed. If We Overall See It Punjab Has the 2%Population Of India But Has 10% Off Guns In India.

Glorifying Gun Culture Of Punjab

There  Are  Many  Factors  Responsible  For This  :

1. Riots

It all started  with  militancy that happened in 1980. in which many Sikhs were burnt alive. during this time government had to issue many guns.

2.Year 1991

The year 1991 was the year in which terrorism was at its peak in Punjab. in which more than 5000 civilians were killed and many police officers were also killed. even many political leaders were also killed, because of which some political leaders were given extra security and special gunmen.

3.Halqa  System

In 2010 akali dal and the government of bjp installed a new system called “halqa system”. in which party leaders had the rights to select their own “sho”.  due to this “sho” was bound because of which  he used to help  and work for party leaders.  they were misusing their power to get gun license easily because of which party got a huge support.


The main reason behind this is Punjabi songs. today guns have become a symbol of prestige for singers to show off. it all started in 2001when “Babu Mann” experienced with the phenomenon of gun glorification in his song kabza.  After him other singers like “Mankirat Aulah” and others started to show guns in every song.

5.Symbol Of  Prestige

Guns were popularized by upper-caste Sikhs as a symbol of prestige. they used to fire them on occasions like marriages. or on birthday’s because of which many accident deaths have also happened.


Nowadays youth are getting attracted with guns. They are posting videos of them firing guns. Which is putting a bad impact on others, because they are misusing it to show off their  life status.

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