Sikkim Has Been A Buddhist Dominated Region For Centuries. The State Was Established In 1642 When Three Great Lamas Appointed “Phuntsong Namgyal” As The Ruler Of Chogyal. There Were 3 Major Communities In Sikkim Lepchas, Bhatia’s, And Limbus. The State Remained Independent For 500 Years.


7 April 1975

Indian Troops Were Mobilized Around The Place Of Sikkim’s Monarch Known As Chogyal. The Public Was In Fear Because They Were Thinking That Maybe The War Will Start Again Between India And China As It Happened 13 Years Earlier. Indian Army Claimed That They Had Been Doing Routine Exercises. But The Guards Were Not Satisfied With This.
So They Requested Their Chogyal To Escape The Palace While Becoming. Like A Buddhist Monk As The Dalai Lama Did In 1957.
But Suddenly A Palace Guard Was Killed . And Chogyal Got Panic And Called The Indian Representative. But His Line Was Dead.
Within 20 Min The Coup Against Chogyal Got Ended.


Indra Gandhi Asked For R.N Kaos Help. He Got To Work And He Was Joined By Two Other Diplomats.On Banerjee And Gbs Sidhu. They Had A Simple Plan. They Wished To Merge Sikkim With India But They Wanted To Maintain That The Merger Should Be A Natural Consequence Of The People’s Desire. Kao Sidhu And Banerjee Planned To Use Sikkim Opposition Leaders. Especially Karji Dorjee Supported Them To Protest Against Chogyal. Sindhu Reassured The Opposition Leaders That He Would Provide Financial And Logistical Assistance For Pro-Democracy Protests. The Goal Was To Compel Chogyal To Seek India’s Assistance To Restore Law And Order And It Would Also Serve To Merge Sikkim With India and This Plan Succeeded

On April 4 Chogyal,

Protestors Gathered Outside Chogyals Place. And Suddenly The Protest Turned Violent. And In The Same Year, An Agreement Was Signed. Between The Indian Government, Chogyal.And The Political Parties Or Sikkim. Elections Were Held After A Year And Kazi Doorjee Who Had Been Leading The Opposition Parties Against Chogyal Became The First Chief Minister Of Sikkim. On April 26, The Indian Government Introduced The 36Th Amendment To Make Sikkim Part Of India In Addition, India Also Organized A Referendum. In Which 60000 Citizens Were In Favor Of The Merger While Around 1500 Were Against It.

On May 16, 1975, Sikkim Formally Became The 22Nd State Of India.
And The Chogyals Position Was Abolished.


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