Sugar is a basic necessity in Indian households. If your household has the food habits of a typical Indian household, you know the importance of sugar. We need it before exams, during festivals, and when guests would come to our house. But all this “goodness” and “happiness” that comes with sweetness. These are the words that a lot of brands use in their ads – come at a cost.

The problem for high intake of SUGAR

A nutritionist told in an interview that “sugar is a poison and it is the new smoking. In fact, in recent years, media reports claimed India to have become the diabetes capital of the world. Excessive sugar consumption is a major reason behind the spike in diabetes. Research revealed that an average Indian consumes almost 50g of sugar per day (nearly 10 spoons). Whereas the WHO recommends 10% of your energy intake or nearly 25g (5 spoons) a day India didn’t become the diabetes capital of the world overnight. India has been facing this problem for several years.

Who’s responsible for this? Companies, politicians, and consumers

All of us are equally responsible for this because in our country sweet is taken in many more ways such as jaggery(gur),khand,shakkar,bura and many more. India is famous for its sweets and because of which we are facing this issue. Even our parents don’t know that the milk which they are giving to us contains a lot of sugar. parents add Bourn Vita  or other substances for taste but actually it contains a lot of sugar in it. companies like Pepsi are promoting their drinks which contains high sugar and for taste we drink them.


We should stop drinking milk with powders like Bourn Vita . We should drink lemon water without adding sweet, instead of soft drinks and we should start drinking tea with less sweet. if we are habitual of sweet taste we can use tablets that taste like sweet only  to add some taste.

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