Around a week ago, south Delhi mayor, Mukesh Suryan said that all the meat shops of South Delhi would remain closed till Navratri is over (Meat Ban). So the question of the mean ban is extremely complex. Considering that India is a country, where culture, language, and eating practices change every kilometer. Also, for Indians of any religion food is an important part of their religious identity.

Meat Ban

                                           Arguments in favor of the meat ban

1.If Others Can, Why Can’t We?
The first is, that if middle East countries like Saudi Arabia can ban all food outlets during the day time in Ramzan to respect the fasting of Muslims, If they can do that why cant we ban meet in Delhi? There are such rules in place in India already For example, in Gujrat alcohol is banned. In many states, consumption of Beed is banned. You can argue that If that state can ban alcohol or beef for several years, why can’t meat be banned in Delhi for a few days?

2. Health hazards
Second reason for meat ban can be health risks of eating meat. According to a 2015 study eating meat increases the chances of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. According to WHO red meat, present in beef contains Cancer -causing agents.

3.Climate Change
The third reason to ban meat is its impact on the climate. In India, data show that from 2002 to 2012, consumption of buffalo meat has increased in both rural and urban areas because of that, the land and water requirement have also increased. The point is that because of more meat consumption, more animals are being raised due to which soul quality is decreasing and the groundwater level is going down. This process also contributes majorly to greenhouse gasses. But this argument of climate change applies to western countries, but not so strongly in India Because Indian meat industry is not like western meat industry. Indian meat industry is rather unorganized because the cattle that are not productive, that is ,they no longer give milk, can be used for meat consumption.

    Arguments against ban

1. Right to privacy
First argument is about our right to privacy- that has been talked about by a lot of courts. Although there is a ban on cow slaughter and consumption at some states in India but several states maintain that an individual has the right to eat whatever they want .

2.Religious Sentiments
Another counter argument is that the meat ban in India is neither about health not about climate change. It is only about religious sentiment.

3.Protein consumption
Third reason Indian’s protein consumption is very low. Lean meats like chicken and eggs are loaded with the Marco nutrients responsible for building muscles. Studies have shown that over 73% of Indians are protein deficient, because of which their overall growth is stunned. The malnutrition problem can be solved in India, if children are given eggs during the mid day meals. But giving eggs  in mid-day meals has become a political issue.

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