Baby Care

Best Baby Care Products in India

If you are expecting a baby or already have one under the age of 5 years, then this is the right article for you to have a check on the best baby care products in India. They need special care and attention as their skin and body are too sensitive to adapt to the products…


Top Information Technology Companies in India

IT Industry in India have been majorly divided into 2 categories, IT services( Software development and Support) and business process outsourcing (BPO). India is a hub of IT outsourcing and it all started in early 1970 with the establishment of software giant TCS. It starts from Bangaluru – Also known as Silicon Valley of India….


Difference Between Guarantee and Warranty

Sometimes in our day-to-day life, we come across many common terms and never bothered to understand the real meaning. Guarantee Vs Warranty is no exception, since how long you are aware of these terms? But do you really know the meaning? let’s understand.   History of words guarantee and warranty The guarantee is sometimes spelled “guarantie”…

Health & Beauty

Best ToothPaste in India – Choose Wisely

Most of us never cared about which toothpaste they are using. Apart from taste, we don’t even care about anything else in our toothpaste. Have you ever seen the ingredients in your toothpaste? Why do you want to know the best toothpaste in India? What is the role of toothpaste in preventing cavities? Do you…

Health & Beauty

Which is the Best Shampoo in India Survey

Which Shampoo do you use? Do you check what chemicals does your shampoo contains? Let’s check out Which is the Best Shampoo in India Survey. But wait before that we will get to know how dangerous a bad shampoo can be for your hair and body. There are many ingredients in many shampoos that can…

Home & Kitchen

Best RO Water Purifier in India – 2021

Our Natural sources of water were accustomed to being purest once upon a time. however, currently because of pollution and different human activities ( like industrial waste, sewage, etc), our government adds gas and different chemicals to our installation to kill viruses and bacteria. The chemical-induced conjointly depends on our water supply. Despite several such…

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Which is Best Non Stick Tawa in India 2021

India is becoming more health-conscious. Before going through the list of Which is Best Non Stick Tawa in India, let’s check out some details of what a nonstick Tawa is: Is nonstick Tawa good for health? Why Teflon is not banned? Nowadays, Teflon coating on Tawa is PFOA-free and hence it is completely safe to…


Best Wireless Headphones to Watch Movies

Working from home brings many challenges, one of which is having distraction-free meetings. A good pair of headphones comes with a noise-canceling feature with a long battery life which is also comfortable for traveling. We will help you find the best wireless headphones to watch movies or to attend office meetings Best Wireless Headphones to…


Best Power Bank in India under 1000

Do you stay outdoors for most of your day? or travel a lot for work? Then you need one. We will help you find the Best Power Bank in India under 1000 What is mAh in power banks? The higher the mAh, the longer the power bank will last, it is an abbreviation of ‘milliamp hour’. Best Power…