Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking who spent 55 years of his life bound to a wheelchair was neither able to eat nor was able to speak. But He used to speak with the help of a computer. Although, most of his theories and predictions came true Stephen Hawking is not among us anymore. But before his death, he did some terrible predictions about Earth’s destruction which if came true, then in the next 200 years our world might go extinct. At the age of 21, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a rare condition that generally occurs in people above the age of 50, and it’s quite deadly. Stephen Hawking’s prediction about the future is yet to happen.

Stephen Hawking's prediction about the future

                                            Let us see some predictions did by Hawking

1 Threat was Stephen Hawking’s prediction about the future

Stephen Hawking believed that more than aliens humans are the biggest threat to themselves.
In 2016, he said, the vaccines that are being made to fight against various viruses many of them are genetically modified.
That means they are made by genetically altering the virus’s DNA.
So that the virus does not affect humans.
Stephen Hawking believed that such vaccines are beneficial for a small period as it protects us from the virus. But in the long term, it can become the cause of the extinction of humans because of DNA modifications.

2 Big Bang

While bound to a wheelchair for 55 years Stephen Hawking did a lot of research about the universe and concluded that life is present beyond Earth.
And someday aliens will capture our planet.
According to scientific theory, our universe was created as a result of the Big Bang.
But Hawking’s theory was a little different he believed that multiple Big Bangs happened. And every Big Bang created a different universe.

That means he believed in a parallel universe.

3 Shortage Of Energy

Just two weeks before his death in 2018 Stephen Hawking published his final research paper to prove his theory of multiple universes.
Which was called ” A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation?” In it, Hawking postulated that even though our universe was created due to a Big Bang. But still, now it is expanding. And a time will come when our universe will fall short of energy to expand further. At that time, all the stars will gradually die, and eternal darkness will settle across the universe. He believed that this will be the time when our universe will come to its end. These were the Stephen Hawking’s predictions

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