Difference between Pacifier and Teether

Pacifier is used to calm down the baby as they have a habit of sucking something whereas teether chewing something because of irritation that arises during teething.

Which teether is good for babies in India?

LuvLap, Baby Go, Chicco are some brands that provide teether for babies, check out the complete list below.

Is teether safe for the baby?

Yes, the teether is meant for the purpose. make sure not to use any toy parts as a teether as babies tend to put anything they got into their mouth. A very small teether or toy part can be dangerious.

Can a 4-month-old have a teether?

Yes, the best case of babies start getting teeth is from 4 to 6 months, a pediatrician should be consulted on the same.


Teether for Babies

LuvLap Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler

with Extra Mesh, Soft Pacifier/Feeder, Teether for Baby, Infant Elegant Blue

teether for babies online india
  • Safe & non-toxic- 100% soft silicone & BPA free food-grade plastic
  • Soft silicone sack enables quick & easy filling with fruit or other food
  • Easy for baby to suck and chew tiny food particles from the mesh
  • Attractive handle to keep the baby engaged
  • Provides oral stimulation and relief to teething gums
  • Protective cover to keep food clean
  • Easy to clean and sterilize

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LuvLap Silicone Teether, Happy Yellow, 3m+, BPA Free

teether for babies online india
  • High-Quality Liquid Silicone Teether
  • Provides gentle relief to teething gums
  • Easy to Grasp & Chew I Ideal for 3m+ baby
  • Includes Travel-Friendly Case
  • BPA Free Food Grade Material
  • Available in many fun designs, colours, shapes and textures
  • Can be Refrigerated, but not recommended to be frozen

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BabyGo Organic Baby’s

BPA-Free Silicone Nipple Food Nibbler for Fruits with Rattle Handle and Storage Box (Multicolour,6-12 Months)

teether for babies online india
  • Silicone is a kind of safe and non-toxic material that was confirmed stable and virtually harmless to humans.
  • Simple to clean, hygienic, and healthy
  • Calms babies and soothes very young children
  • Perfect baby shower gift-this is a considerate and sweet wonderful gift for baby showers and expectant moms, the perfect baby present.
  • Bright color and ringing handgrip-the food feeder handle has colorful beads and texture in it, which really help to hold the baby’s attention to it.

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Chic Buddy BPA-Free Silicone Finger

Shape Soft Bendable Highly Effective Baby Teether Toy (6-12 Months, Orange)

teether for babies online india
  • 100% Food Grade Teething high
  • Teether is made of one solid piece of silicon ring,finger-shaped. No parts to break off. Zero choking hazards, nontoxic, best safety products set which helps in training infant motor skills for coming years.
  • Unlike other teethers which are difficult to grab; our products have a perfect size; weight and organic shape which means it is easy for little hands to hold and little mouths to play. What that REALLY means is that the baby will chew it for a long time NEVER LOSING GRIP.

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Baybee Teddy Natural Silicon Teether

for Babies, Non-Toxic Food Grade, BPA-Free Silicon Teether for Infants, Freeze Safe Easy Teething & Chewing Play Toys for Baby (Blue Shapes)

teether for babies online india
  • SAFETY: 1st – all our products are certified which is the most stringent certification defined by European standards for the safety of babies and toddlers. Every minor point is considered to give the safest product to your baby.
  • ATTENTION: Read carefully and follow strictly. The teether helps to reduce the discomfort during teething. Place the teether in the refrigerator and remove it after it’s cooled. the water-filled toys should be cooled in the main
    compartment of the refrigerator only. Do not Freeze. Do not use the product if it this flat or low in the water.
  • PERFECTLY SHAPED TO FIT IN A SMALL MOUTH: but also big enough to prevent gagging or choking. Nurture and teether trees come in stimulating bright sensory colors for boys and girls, making them easy to find for you and for your newborn.
  • EASY GRIP FOR LITTLE HANDS: easy grip for super lightweight making it simple for your baby to grasp, lift and develop their motor skills. If your baby is crying, feeling cranky, and always looking to bite their fingers, it’s
    time to get them the teether trees.

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Non-Toxic Food-Grade Silicone Baby Teether, BPA-Free for Pain Relief Easy Teething (Pink/Blue)

teether for babies online india
  • Made of quality silicone which is firm and durable.
  • BPA free.
  • Soothing for your baby’s delicate gums.
  • Relieves gum pain and provides oral stimulation.
  • Designed ergonomically for easy grip.

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BeeBaby Infant Soft Silicone Teether

100% BPA Free Cookie/Biscuit (Brown)

teether for babies online india
  • Designed to soothe baby’s tender gums. Provides a cooling and comforting effect to baby’s sore gums
  • Designed and tested for 100% safety for babies made of 100% silicone. BPA & PVC free
  • Attractive design &  soft and flexible. Non-toxic and no sharp edges.
  • Perfect Gift: If you’ve been looking for cute gift sets for your baby’s birthday, baby shower, newborn, or any other occasion, then your search is over!; Easy to clean and store, no sterilization needed.
  • Color: Brown; Package Content: 1 Soft Silicone Teether

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Chic Buddy teethers for Babies

BPA Free Silicone Soft Baby Toys (3 6 9 12 Months Old, Blue)

teether for babies disadvantages
  • The baby teething toy comes in a unique shape. It aims to massage your child’s gums at any angle to relieve pain and relieve discomfort. Helps teeth get healthy. 100% Food Grade Teething high and top quality colorful Silicone.
  • Our teethers designed to mimic those little baby fingers and are made with hygienic silicone material that’s safe, and oh so perfectly chewy. Quite simply, they’re made to give you hours of silent bliss. Teether is made of one solid
    piece of silicon ring,finger-shaped. No parts to break off. Zero choking hazards, nontoxic, best safety products set which helps in training infant motor skills for coming years.
  • You don’t have to look much further than the mess at mealtime to know that your little one hasn’t quite perfected his hand-to-eye coordination. So we simplified the design to make our teethers easy and intuitive to grab and hold. The four prongs are perfectly sized to mimic the baby finger. So they’re just long enough to reach the back molars but are sensibly sized to prevent choking.
  • It provides optimum comfort and guarantees TEETHING PAIN RELIEF. And nothing beats being able to take your baby’s gums’ pain away. MOMS Can have some Rest. WE CARE. You can place it in the FRIDGE for cooling to add a little extra soothing touch too…
  • If you’ve been looking for a CUTE GIFT set for your baby birthday, baby shower, newborn, or any other occasion, then your search is over!

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First Trend Fruit and Vegetable Nibbler (Green)

best teether for babies in india
  • This is a fruit and vegetable nibbler made of nontoxic and BPA-free material. It is green in color
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Easy for the babies to grab and enjoy the fruit without the choking

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Luvlap Tiger Rattle for Baby, Multicolor

best teether for babies in india
  • Tether cum rattle features vibrant colored tiger with rotatable clacking ears
  • Sensory development –strong color-shape association and vivid soft sound helps baby develop early color and sound recognition as well as tactile stimulation
  • Finger differentiation –integrated with functions of “shake or rotate”, to develop baby’s fine motor skills, finger differentiation, finger flexibility, and hand-eye coordination
  • Recognition development –introducing the name, story and character of the animals while playing with the rattles help improve baby’s memory and recognition skills
  • Ideal for babies above 3 months of age

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Some More Options

Chewy Tubes – Green

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BAYBEE Molar Teeth Soother with Soft Sensory BPAFree Natural Silicone Teethers Toy for

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Naughty Kidz Baby Teething Toys, Soft and Natural Fruit Shape Teether for

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Chic Buddy Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier – Fresh Food Feeder, Infant Fruit Teething Toy for

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