The Queen was born at 2.40 am on 21 April 1926 at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London.
Queen Elizabeth does not require any license to drive a car. she has her private cash machine and she is not liable to pay any type of tax. No one can file a court case against queen Elizabeth.



1. Cannot Walk with the King

The queen does not have permission to walk with his king however off-camera it doesn’t matter but in public queen has to walk two steps ahead of him.

2. Freedom To Talk

Queen Doesn’t Have The Freedom To Talk To Whom So Ever She Wants. She Can Only Talk To Those Who Are Equal To Her And That Too She Will First Talk To The Person  Who Is Sitting On The Right Side Of The Queen Even If The Left Side Person Starts The Conversation She Will First Talk To The Person Who Is On Her Right Then She Will Talk With Other Person.

3. Limited Number Of Guests

Any Party Organized By The Queen Will Never Have Exact 13 Guests Either There Will Be Less Than 13 Or More Than 13 Because It Is Said That 13 Is An Unlucky Number For Queen

4. Autograph

As We, All Know Queen Is Not Less Than A Celebrity But Then Also Nor The Queen Or Anyone From The Royal Family Can Give Anyone An Autograph So That No One Can Misuse Their Signature.

5. Support

Queen Can Not Support Any Political Party. She Has To Be Neutral.

6. Holding Hand

No One From The Royal Family Can Hold Anyone’s Hand In Public.

7. Sitting Posture

Royal Family Has A Strict Rule In Which Females Of The Royal Family  Can Not Sit With Their Legs Crossing Instead They Have A Special Pose Of Sitting In Which They Have To Join Their Knees And Legs Should Be Straight.

8. Travelling

Heir Of The Queen’s Throne Can Not Travel Together.

9. Funeral

Any Member Of The Royal Family Who Goes Out Of The City Must Carry A Black Dress So That If They Need To Attend A Funeral They Can Wear That Dress.

10. Food

Queen  Is Not Allowed To Have Many Food Items Such As Onion, Garlic, And Tap Water.

11. Hygiene

Queen Always Has  To Wear Gloves In Public Because She Needs To Handshake With Many People.

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