In July 2021, Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola’s CEO Said In A Tweet “India’s Ev Revolution Begins Today”. It Was Because Ola Electric Scooters Were Open For Bookings And One Could Reserve A Scooter Starting From Just Inr499. Ola Announced That It Got Over 1,00,000 Bookings Within 24 Hours. Even Before Delivering The Scooters, Ola  Encashed  INR 1,100 Crores As Pre-Booking Charges In September 2021.

Ola Electric

There are mainly 3 problems :

1. Unrealistic Deadlines Set By The CEO Of Ola Electric

First, Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of OLA  set unrealistic deadlines. A former executive told the morning context in December that,
the reality is that the scooters are not ready. They are probably 60%ready, which is a huge feat, given the company started working on them sometime in March this year. This is why he didn’t feel that OLA  could make deliveries anytime soon.

2. Unfinished Products

The scooters are still not finished product. In November, OLA electric hosted an event for journalists to test – ride ola scooters.
at the event, the journalists from the ken observed that the navigation feature on the scooter’s touch screen was not smooth.

3. Attrition Crisis In

the third problem with OLA  electrics is that several senior executives have quit the company recently. How does one build a world-class company if top executives are staying only for 1-2 years?

Let us talk about Ola’S CEO. Ankit Bhatti Ola’s CTO (chief technology officer). According to media reports, he quit the company because he was not given the powers of decision-making in the projects of Ola electric.

after Bhatti’s departure, Brijraj Vaghani was CTO. But after some time, he quit as well. A former executive said, “the company has been without a CTO  for nearly 18 months. How do you run a tech company without a CTO?. This is the main cause of “What’s Wrong With OLA Electric”.

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