We all know Math is not everyone’s favorite subject, especially for girls. And we have seen mostly boys have better Math’s score than girls in India

In this article, we will see Why Indian Boys Score Well In Math Exams Than Girls. So, let’s have a look.

Math's score

1. Lack of role models

The first reason is the lack of female role models in maths. In ancient India, you would find enormous contributions in math by great people, for example, Aryabhata or Brahmagupta. Srinivas Ramanujan was known for his contribution to the theory of numbers.
however, despite our rich history of Indian mathematics, we do not find the contribution by female mathematicians. Research shows that not being able to see role models in the field of stem i.e.- science, technology, and math makes the girls reluctant in choosing such careers.

2.  Anxiety About Math’s Score

The second reason is due to “math anxiety“. Researchers from the University of Chicago revealed that math anxiety is a fear experienced while studying math. A lot of us might fear math and this is what is called math’s anxiety. According to researchers, this is more common in women than in men. Sometimes it’s just in our mind as if we think we will be able to score well then we will be able to.

3. Gender Stereotyping

The final major reason for this problem is the discrimination girls face from everyone, whether from parents or teachers. Research by unpacking das and Karan Singhal says a lot of Indian parents believe that boys are better at math than girls. lIn this context, it was found that girls who grow up in such households with discrimination score lower in maths. Apart from parents, as per the research teachers also contribute to such gender bias. The brunt of which has to be borne by girls.

These are the reasons why Indian boy’s Math scores are good than girls.

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